The board of ISN Maastricht relies on active members to make our activities become a success. The active members assist us in setting up our activities, our discover weekends, cantus' and the introduction week. On top of this, they are required to be at our international drinks at the bar of the event.

As an active member you will join a committee. The committees are distributed amongst the board members and consist out of the following: the Activity Committee, the Social Committee, the SocialErasmus Committee, the ExchangeAbility Committee, the Sports Committee, the Actives Committee and the Partnership Committees. You can also join the Trips committee, which plans and organizes the Discover Belgium and Holland weekend.
As an active member you'll meet a lot of exchangers during their time here. They see you as a spokesperson for ISN. However, most of the time they will just want to have a great time here in Maastricht. What better way to do that is with regular students who can show them the way around all the good stuff and cool places Maastricht has to offer?