ESNcard Deals:

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Travelling with only four T-Shirts, two pair of Jeans and one pair of shoes. Sounds unrealistic? It is not, ESN The Netherlands and Eurosender can offer you the solution: Simply send a parcel.

The strategic partnership between ESN The Netherlands and Eurosender is resulting now in an exclusive discount (code ESNNL) for all Eurosender shipping services. All students in The Netherlands are now exclusively entitled to a special 10% discount by entering the promo code ESNNL when booking their Eurosender order.


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Lebara Mobile, your prepaid telecom provider in the Netherlands

One of the first things Erasmus students want to sort out when they arrive in the Netherlands is their accessbility, and of course we have taken care of this! When you study in the Netherlands, Lebara Mobile is one of the best and cheapest telecom provider for you as a Erasmus student. It’s prepaid, so you have total freedom. No contract needed, no credit check, no registration, no obligations. So you can easily stay in touch with your new international friends and your family and friends at home!

Very low call & SMS rates

Lebara Mobile offers very low call & SMS rates for almost any country in the world. Check the rates of your own country at:

Mobile internet

Social media, WhatsApp, mailing, surfing, music & video. Everything mobile and high-speed. For every smartphone. A bundle of 1GB is only €10,- and is valid for a 30 day period.

SIM-card & top-ups

During the introduction days in your new home town your ESN section will provide you with a free Lebara SIM card. Don't worry if you couldn't make it to the introduction days, SIM cards are also available at the ESN office. Topping up your card is just as easy, visit the website and top up online. Happy Erasmus!


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MAC Social SportsClub is here for active people who want to develop themselves.  The idea behind this is that you meet each other in a sportive, healthy environment that gives you the possibility to change both your outside and inside.

Let your brain do the thinking and your body do the talking. Don't become a couch potato!

With your ESNcard you only pay 139 euro for 4 months, 199 euro for 6 months and 375 euro for 12 months. Save up to 30%!


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This partnert does not need much introduction!  Who doesn't know the worlds largest fast-food chain! Most of us grew up with McDonalds; the happy meal really made us happy! Although, we don't buy happy meals anymore, every once in a while you will definitely visit a McDonalds to buy a menu, a nice McFlurry or you will make use of the euroknaller deals! We for one love our Dutch McKroket!

Three McDonald's locations in Maastricht: Wijck, Markt and Vrijthof are offering ESNcard holders 2 burgers for the price of 1*. 

Eet smakelijk!


*BigMac, QuarterPounder, McChicken, McNuggetsChicken-6 en Filet-O-Fish menus.

**Not valid on holidays or in combination with other deals.


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Yes-trips is our main organizer for our awesome weekend trips. Lead by a former ISN member, they know exactly what you need to have a great time! Paris, Berlin, Prague, Oktoberfest, Carnival in Cologne - you name it, Yes-Trips has them all!

Check out their website here:


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You know a good night is becomes a great night as soon as there is Tequila involved. Therefore, show your ESNcard at Cafe Defile, and receive tequilashots for only €1,-!


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Cafe Falstaff is a comfy, cosy, brown cafe renowned for its extensive collection of beers and special beer menu's for a competitive price. Over 60 different special beers. Falstaff is also the place for good food; lunch or dinner!

Enjoy a special ISN beer menu (including 4 different special beers and snacks) for only €10,-! Don't forget to bring your ESNcard.


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Cafetaria Zamzam is conveniently located in the city centre at Grote Gracht. ESNcard members get a 10% discount on everything! Perfect for after a night out!




A cafe/restaurant definitely worth-while visiting (a couple of times) when being in Maastricht. Great food at an affordable price.

The preuverij is offering students with an ESNcard a tasty deal: Sate menu, Burger menu or the daily dish and TWO drinks for only 12 Euro. Our personal favorite is the sate! Don't forget to order a nice half liter Erdinger while you are there.



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Lunch, Dinner or a party? Grand Cafe EDD's, better known as Edds Cafe, has it all. Definitely one of the bars you should visit during your stay in Maastricht!

Get your second lunch for free every Tuesday till Friday between 12:00-17:00, and a third special beer for free on Wednesdays!


Relax and rent a car with

If you’ve been studying all year long, you really need some time to relax. Good thing you’re going on a holiday soon! But over there you really don’t want to spend your time chasing around trains and buses, and running to get from A to B. Well, there’s no need to rush to see all the highlights at your destination. Did you know sightseeing by public transportation isn’t your only option? You can easily set your own schedule if you rent a car with As a student you can now benefit from a discount on the best car rental deals.

ESN student discount for car rental

If you rent a car as a student and member of ISN Maastricht, you get a 15% discount on your next rental car. is working together with ESN. So students can now profit from a discount on top of already cheap deals. Renting a car really isn’t an expensive thing to do. Certainly not if you book wisely. For example making a reservation 6 weeks before your pick up date when prices are at their lowest. Check out the website for rental car offers from over 800 suppliers in more than 30.000 pick up locations all over the world. The best deals are only a few clicks away. All you have to do is search, compare and book.

Do you want to travel by rental car?

If you want to get the most out of your holiday, car rental is a great choice for you. We recommend not to book a rental car before reading the terms and conditions first. We don’t want you to be disappointed if you can’t book the best rental deal because you’re too young, or you can’t take the car with you at the pick up location because you don’t have your own credit card for the deposit.

Enjoy your holiday!



Improve your Dutch on the go!

Flowently provides a new dimension to learning Dutch, by taking its students directly to daily life situations, such as supermarkets and bars. The study program is interactive, the content of the sessions depends on the needs of the students. Have you met a cute Dutch guy or girl and would you like to have a chat? Prepare it during the tutoring sessions. Are you having difficulties ordering your food in a bar? This can also be included in your sessions. The tutors generally are young people who have lived or studied abroad as well, and therefore they know exactly how to help you learn Dutch in the best possible way.

Learn in series of 5 times 1,5 hour sessions about Dutch pronunciation, ordering drinks, have a chat, shopping, directions, buy your second hand bike, making an appointment, meet your locals, hot spots in town and anything else you want to know. There is a special discount for ESN/ISN students! All the classes start in a local café where you make a study plan together with your tutor, based on your personal goals and objectives

For more information we would like to direct you to the website of Flowently:


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Ma van Sloun is a place you should DEFINITELY try when you are in Maastricht. Ma van Sloun is a restaurant with an unique character open to both students and 'local people'. Affordable, good food and tasteful beers. 

With your ESNcard you will receive a Schnitzel menu with a drink for only 6,50 Euro!

Living in the guesthouse? Then go and have a drink in the conveniently located ProosD bar! You can get a beer for only €1,50 and 20% discount on mixed drinks. Every Thursday is “International Thursday”, our weekly party night!