THE highlight of the year in the Netherlands is of course a must see event while you are on exchange and ISN Maastricht and Yes-Trips will make sure you see it in the best possible way: Kingsday! On the 27th of April everyone in the Netherlands will celebrate the birthday of the king and as the king is known as Prins Pils (Prince Beer) it is one party you will remember. All the big Dutch Dj’s fly back to their home country, traffic jams occur on the canals of Amsterdam because of party boats and the whole country literally turns orange! On this day trip, we will not just show you Kingsday, Kingsnight is probably even crazier. Everyone in the Netherlands goes out the night before Kingsday and we have a hotel booked with hundreds of international students. 

27th of April 
8 AM - 11.30 PM



Tickets are available here:
Or at our office (Brouwersweg 100)

Included with the ticket:
- Transportation to Amsterdam and back
- YES-Trips Guide 
- YES-Trips App with all the information about Kingsday and the trip!

Join our Carnival trip to Cologne, Springfest and Kingsday for 110€ instead of 118€!

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27/04/2018 - 08:45 to 23:00