On the 14th of May, we will travel back in time and experience a part of Maastricht’s rich history: the underground. The tunnels were used to approach and surprise the enemy from under the ground during the Second World War. Posters and photos will also be projected to get a better taste of the past environment. We will explore these caves with bomb-resistant rooms, secret chambers, cannon galleries and a never-ending deep well to view Maastricht like you have never seen before.

The guides will give the tour in English and are able to answer all your questions about the history and Maastricht itself.

Practical information:
- Dress warmly! (Or bring layers to add on if you are cold)
- Girls: do not wear heels
- Boys: do not wear heels either
- The tour will take approximately one hour
- Make sure you go to the toilet beforehand, there is no toilet in the venue!

14th of May
4:15pm - 6:00pm

Meeting at the Guesthouse (Brouwersweg 100) at 4:15pm

6 euros with ESNcard
8 euros without ESNcard

Ticket sale starts today in the office and online!

There's only a limited amount of tickets avaiable so buy one ASAP!

14/05/2019 - 16:15 to 19:15