Aon provides an international student insurance including health, emergency assistance, personal possesions & liability. Aon has a suitable insurance package for each international student going abroad. In The Netherlands foreign students have to have insurance covering medical expenses. In fact it's compulsory for getting a residence permit. The Dutch authorities oblige some foreign students to have a Basic Healthcare Insurance (Dutch National Health Insurance). Check here whether you are obliged to have the Basic Healthcare Insurance. The Basic Healthcare Insurance or EHIC only covers the most essential medical care in The Netherlands. For a carefree time in The Netherlands it's best to insure a few more risks than just medical expenses. It's not necessary for you to sort all this out and arrange it yourself. Aon has developed the ICS Packages; it's a complete insurance package for a carefree stay in The Netherlands!

The Aon Insurance Certificate for Students (ICS) package covers among other things:

  • All medical costs in The Netherlands
  • Liability
  • Household contents and luggage

There are three different ICS packages. More information can befound on the AONs website.