What does it mean to become an active member?

Are you interested in getting involved with a Student Organisation, helping international students and having a good time? Then ISN is your place to be!
ISN is looking for new active members to help and have fun during the next semester(s)!

ISN (International Student Network) is part of the Erasmus Student Network, the biggest student organisation in Europe. ISN is for exchange students, international students and internationally minded students. We organise all sorts of activities; parties, social gatherings, trips and cultural and sports events. On top of that, we are simply there to help international students with any question about (student) life in Maastricht they may have. 

What does it mean to be an active member? 
Active members are valued members of ISN and highly involved in providing international students with great experiences during their studies in Maastricht: active members are in a number of committees where they organise events and they also help out at events. What do you get back for this? The possibility to meet exchange students from all over the world, to learn about their culture while teaching them something about your culture. Depending on your committee, there is also quite a lot of freedom to organise what you want. All new actives are also warmly welcomed into our ISN family. We have several actives activities per semester which are meant for integration between the actives, and they are a lot of fun!

We have different committees, every active member is in one of them.
You can find more information on the committee page. 

How do you become an active?
You are very recommended to come to our Info Drinks, where you will get a lot more information, get to meet us in person and you can ask any questions you might have. They will be on the:

-19th of August 

-26th of August 

After you have sign up, you will receive a link to fill in your availability during Arrival Week. That week, from 28-08 to 03-09, is ISN’s introduction week for exchange students. As a potential active, you will get some shifts during the week, so you can see if they really like ISN and ISN can see if you are fit for us. After Arrival week, an interview will take place, after which you can hopefully officially call yourself an active member of ISN!

Interested? Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/09dMD6etvCdjFA5k1

PS: Filling up this form does not mean you are an active member just yet.