Lebara Mobile, your telecom provider in The Netherlands
One of the first things Erasmus students want to sort out when they arrive in The Netherlands is
their accessibility. And of course we have taken care of this! When you study in The Netherlands,
Lebara Mobile is one of the best and cheapest telecom provider for you as a Erasmus student.
You can choose from a Sim Only subscription for one or more months or take prepaid. Then you
have total freedom. So no contract needed, no credit check, no registration, no obligations. You
can easily stay in touch with other (inter)national students and your family and friends at home!

Very low call and SMS rates
Lebara Mobile offers very low call and SMS rates for almost any country in the world. Check the
rates of your own country here

Mobile internet
Social media, WhatsApp, mailing, surfing, music and video. Everything mobile and high-speed. For
every smartphone. A prepaid bundle of 1GB is only €10,- and is valid for a 30 day period.
SIM-card & top-ups

During the introduction days in your new home town, your ESN section will provide you with a
free Lebara SIM card. Don't worry if you couldn't make it to the introduction days, SIM cards are
also available at the ESN office. In case you've chosen for prepaid, topping up your card is just as
easy, visit the Lebara website and top up online. Happy Erasmus!


Website:  https://mobile.lebara.com/nl/en/