Whenever students leave Maastricht they tend to get rid of the stuff the most convenient way: in the trashbin. ISN Maastricht therefore set up ‘Stop the dump’ to make sure usable goods can get a second life for new exchange/international students or the less fortunate of society. At this moment we are only collecting in the central guesthouse. They donated a room for us to store the goods until the second hand store comes and picks it up. The room is open during office hours. Collection revolves around the departure days of the students.

Collection Dates

The Guesthouse provides us with specific detail on when students are leaving. For the general population this is:

  • The week prior to Christmas. Exchangers from the first semester will leave (end of block 2). 
  • The last week of January. The exchangers that did an extra block in addition to the first semester leave (end of block 3).
  • The first week of June. The exchangers of semester two leave (end of block 5).
  • The first week of July. The exchangers that did an extra block in addition to the second semester leave. On top of this most of the students that stayed a year are leaving (end of block 6)
Collection of goods

The goods will be sorted by ISN's board and active members. They will go to the Guesthouse on days when a lot of students leave to make sure everything is stored properly. The storage room is marked by a poster of stop the dump. We sort out all the things students donate to make sure everything is of decent quality before contacting the second hand store.

Future exchange/international students

ISN has searched for possibilities to eventually get useful stuff back to exchange/international students who need the supplies. Not every exchange student has enough money to buy everything for themselves. However, the estimation is that a large proportion of the goods will not be collected by new students. Our wish is to donate these goods to those who need it. This will be dony by either giving the things to charitalbe organisations or selling them at our semster flea market to the next lot of exchangers, where afterwards the profit will be donated.